Civitan, Canadian District West
Governor's Message

Congratulations go out to the Brampton Civitan Club members who hosted an excellent mid-year meeting last weekend at the Monte Carlo Inn in Vaughan. All went well, the lunch speakers were interesting, the dancers after dinner were amazing, and the participation in the meeting was excellent as well.

You may have heard from those who attended that we announced the cancellation of Sno Do by the Board of Directors of Civitan International. After 44 very successful years, this was a great disappointment to those of us who participated year after year, but this is one more sign of the changing times, the changing culture in the US, and the change of guard at Head Office. The replacement function for the North American Junior Governors fund raiser is to be announced at the Junior Civitan International Convention in June, but so far we are informed it will be held probably at March break and in Birmingham, Alabama, to include the Civitan International Research Centre in at least part of the event. Governors will still need to raise funds in order to participate; full details will be announced as they are decided upon.

The Sno Do report given by liaison Past International President Bill Hiscott outlined the 2019 event itself, and the International Board discussion around "issues" surrounding weather and airlines that caused certain persons to be concerned about personal safety of themselves and Junior Civitans. Bill then went on to review the FAQ provided by International staff after the Board's decision to eliminate Sno Do and replace with a "yet to be determined" event.

We had invited former Civitan Don Hewitt (retired from Agincourt Civitan Club) to attend this meeting and outline some ideas that he had approached me with and that I took to our District Board meeting two weeks ago. The suggestion is that we develop a "new" project of some nature which will involve participation of the CDW Junior Civitans and the CDW adult Civitans, while maintaining the fund raising aspect in a competitive fashion. We have struck a committee headed by Bill Hiscott with assistance from Don Hewitt to review possibilities and report back at the District meeting at Region 5 with a view to implement in 2020. One suggestion was that we consider supporting Water First, found at   The new funds raised would stay in Canada!  We hope that this initiative will re-energize Civitan in Canada and especially in Canadian District West, attracting new members as we go.

Hopefully, we will have periodic updates on progress, with the roll-out in September. Stay tuned.

Governor Sue

Friday May 10, 2019
The Toronto Lung Transplant Civitan Club promote Organ and Tissue donation awareness and invite you to visit their club at click on the menu link Help Out/Donate.

Monday April 08, 2019
Be sure to check out Agincourt's new, mobile friendly website via our Clubs menu link.

Tuesday March 05, 2019
Check out this YouTube video I Surprised My Mentor W/ $15,000!!!

Sunday March 03, 2019
The latest edition of Beaver Tales (February 2019) is now available and can be viewed via the Beaver Tales link.

Saturday June 09, 2018
The Black Book of Scams (PDF) from a Presentation at the May Convention has been added to the Documents page.

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