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Governor's Message

Welcome to April! Hopefully our "spring snow showers" will peter out within a day or two right across the region, and make way for those double digit temperatures we have all been waiting for, for what seems like a really long time.

April is Civitan Awareness Month, and the month when Headquarters pushes for every club to be holding Information Nights or Seek Meetings. So far, we seem to be "holding our own" as far as numbers of members are concerned; however, we need to all reach out and ask that certain someone if they will join us - that someone who comes out and helps with projects, is there when you are short-handed. If you ask, they might just say YES.

April is also Junior Civitan Advisor Appreciation month. Do you have a Junior Civitan club? What are they planning for you this month?

April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day - we encourage everyone to wear blue to show support.

April 13th will be the Don Mills Civitan Club Silent Auction. This is a very successful fund raiser and well worth attending to see how it is done! They do a fantastic job every year and usually have a sell out crowd in attendance. It will be a fun night.

The next District Board meeting will be held in Dundas on April 27th. Should anyone have an item they want brought to the District Board, please feel free to contact me at or your area director. We will be reviewing items to be taken to the Spring Convention next month. The Spring Convention is once again to be held at the Monte Carlo Inn in Vaughan, and is being hosted by the Brampton Civitan Club. Communications & Events Chair Lyle sent out the registration form again just this past weekend. Have YOU registered yet? Elections for next year's officers are on the Agenda for this convention and we need YOU to step up and allow YOUR name to stand. Past Governor Norma is Nominations Chair - why not contact her today?

In closing, I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Easter. Enjoy with family and friends, especially the children.

Governor Sue

Monday April 08, 2019
Be sure to check out Agincourt's new, mobile friendly website via our Clubs menu link.

Tuesday March 05, 2019
Check out this YouTube video I Surprised My Mentor W/ $15,000!!!

Sunday March 03, 2019
The latest edition of Beaver Tales (February 2019) is now available and can be viewed via the Beaver Tales link.

Saturday June 09, 2018
The Black Book of Scams (PDF) from a Presentation at the May Convention has been added to the Documents page.

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